a.  Finding the Cause – Lack of STRENGTH and

COORDINATION and the Nerve pathways that are

associated with them are the cause of (or make the

cause worse) in several situations.

b. Treating You Naturally –

  • Specific Exercise for your condition
  • Picture hand-outs come with every exercise to
    clearly describe the exercise and show pictures
    for how to do it correctly
  • Help you remember, so you do not get
  • Help you remember, so you get the most
  • Most are taught for doing at-home therapy
  • In-office for Neurobehavioral disorders

Core strength in
STRENGTH – Do you have functional strength?  Studies have shown that a after a lower back injury,
muscles atrophy (get smaller and weaker).  Typical back exercises* do not rebuild the small, deep,
specific-movement muscles of the back.

*Typical back exercises rebuild the erector spinae muscles, the big ones you see around the lower back.

COORDINATION – Do you have individual muscle and group muscle coordination? You may also
know that lack of COORDINATION can cause trips and falls.  It is uncommon for people to injure
themselves when doing specific, good-form weight-lifting exercises, because they are carefully contracting
all the support muscles.  But if the individual muscles around their spine are not getting the correct nerve
information, even bending to pick up a small piece of paper can cause a strong weightlifter to injure his
back.  The key is getting the muscles to coordinate their activity so they do the job even when you
aren’t concentrating on it.

Neurobehavioral Disorders (ADD, ADHD,
and Autism) often have their cause and their
solution grounded in neuromuscular
development immaturity and nutritional
deficiencies or and/or toxicities.
Ocular Control
(for specific brain exercise)