The nervous system is the master system.
By being able to restore function to the nervous system, Dr. Hobbs is able to help people with more complicated conditions, more quickly, and more completely.

This field of study has also led to the development of a NeuroBehavioral(ADHD) treatment program that is open for enrollment.

Doctor Hobbs has received extensive training(hundreds of hours) in neurology through the renowned Carrick Institute.  As of 2010, Dr. Hobbs is one of only a few hundred doctors in the world who hold a diplomate status from the governing neurology board (ACNB).  

Dr. Hobbs is presently preparing training audios for other doctors who are in this program.  We understand that the best way to learn is to teach.

Genetics are NOT the MASTER only the Blue print !

Rebuilding the Brain – What you Do and what you Think and what You Eat and what Supplements you take have been proven to
alter brain structure and function.  This has been shown in studies about Behavior Control(similar to ADHD) and Alzheimer’s Disease
(Thinking/Leaning study, Eating/Supplementing Study).

We base our work on what can be improved not the despair of what cannot be done.  This kind of work takes effort and time.  If you are
willing your body is usually able.

Dr. Hobbs is working with, or has worked with, patients with variety of neurological disorders.

Watch the amazing video trailer of the restorative power and healing potential your body has.  Even patients who have lost
hope and who conventional medicine has failed repeatedly.  When the “Emergency care” specialists have run out of options,
there is still MUCH hope.  Watch “My Hope Restored.”