Diagnosis and Treatment of:
•  Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – Numb feeling in the hand which may be caused by problems in the neck, shoulder, arm, and/or wrist.
•  Headache  — Tension or Migraines may be eliminated by correcting the source of this nagging or debilitating pain without harmful
•  FibromyalgiaAching or pain all over that may be eliminated by correcting irritation of the blood, joints, muscles, or nutritional
•  Auto Accidents – the quicker you get out of pain and moving without medications, the fewer side-effects(pain) you’ll have in the
future. (Free Report)
•  Work-Related Injuries – working with you and your employer to get you feeling like you did before – don’t settle for medication and
“learn to live with it.”
•  Chronic pain – We evaluate from head to foot, inside and out and consider Nutritional, Structural and mental causes and triggers.
There IS an answer!
•  Low back painYou’re twice a s likely to re-injure your back the 2nd time, so we focus on getting you well AND teaching you how to
PREVENT re-injury
 Neck PainTruly a “pain in the neck,” but with a thorough evaluation, specific treatment often gives patients dramatic freedom from
their pain.
•  Nutrition-Related ConditionsWe begin with a thorough Questionnaire &/or Food Journal.  Hair Analysis and Amino Acid
Analysis are very valuable in checking your specific and unique nutritional needs.
•  Functional & Genetic TestingUncommon tests for deep evaluation AND Action steps to take — For conditions that standard
tests give no answers.
•  ADHD Open for public enrolment soon (see audio below).
 Training, Seminars, & Consulting
•  Central Valley Cleanse: 3-week program,  (addressing what you (Eat, Drink, Think, Exercise, Sleep, Breathe) — 2 levels of
training/committment — Training audios, supplements, recipes, shopping lists, etc.
•  Standard Process Cleanse: 3-week program,  (addressing what you (Eat, Drink) — 2 levels of training/commitment —
Supplements, food lists.
•  “Healthy Changes” First-Line Therapy
Initial evaluation is Free upon request and mentioning “Website offer”
Just what your doctor recommended for managing the risk factors related to Obesity, Heart Disease, and Blood-sugar problems.  “Healthy
Changes” works by carefully coaching, inspiring, and guiding you through a 20-week program of effective tools for Eating, Exercise, and
Stress reduction.
•  ADHD, Autism, DyslexiaFree informational audio introducing the causes and non-medication solutions.