What to Expect – The Office Tour
We want you to feel we heard and thoroughly cared for in our office.

Join us as we show you through our office.


—–Of course, there are forms to fill out.  Some are required by the government, but the rest are specifically designed to help us help you heal as quickly and as completely as possible. The paperwork for everyone is available online HERE, but if you don’t have access to a printer, we would be happy to have it ready for you to fill out in our office before your first visit.
Even if some of the questions seems irrelevant to you, we still ask you to answer all of them, as the doctor will thoroughly evaluate everything you write down. Every question is important and used to tailor our treatment to your needs.


—–You will sit down with the doctor and our concierge assistant and explain everything you want to explain.  We will take this time to ask a bunch of questions in order to get a better understanding of what is concerning you, what you have tried before, and what he can do to help.  This is when we begin to focus in on what is truly causing your condition. 

Our Office

—–Entrance & Reception Room –This is the “entrance” to your place of hope, healing, and restoration.  From the very start, though, we want to give you an exit strategy…from a life that revolves around doctor visits and the fear of your health worsening in the future.  Many people, by the time they make it to our office, feel lost and almost afraid to hope any longer.  It’s like being lost in the woods.  You encounter 2 paths…uncertain of where to turn, or perhaps give up.  Then, the forest ranger meets you and directs you.  We want to be this trusted resource for your recovery.  This is a place where you are welcome, where others have found the path of recovery after having spent years looking for answers.  This is a place of certainty, of direction, of hope, and the Synergy of comprehensive evaluation and solutions.  From the very beginning, you realize that this is a very different place — where there is hope for recovery and your future.

—–Therapy Room – Brain plasticity is developed.  This is the growing of new, stronger, and healthier connections in the brain.  Every therapy exercises targeted areas of the brain.  Since the nervous system is the master system of the body, it’s natural that many of our patients spend time here actively and passively exercising areas of their nervous system and body that have grown weak or never properly developed.  This exercise comes in the form of Sensory stimulation, Balance, Proprioceptive work, Auditory, Somatosensory, Oculo-motor and other targeted therapies in a program crafted to promote maximum recovery.

—–This room is also used as the Cognitive Assessment & Development Room – To provide an extra boost, we assess and exercise the cognitive/academic areas of the brain to provide children with ADHD, Autism, and Learning Disorders even more chance for success.

—–Doctor’s Consultation Room – This is the room where patients truly come to understand that this is a place where we will listen and understand that your problem is real and that you’re on a road we’ve been down before.  You’re not alone anymore.  We are here to listen to and understand you.  This is also where the we reveal the meaning and powerful recommendations of the  functional lab tests like adrenal hormone, digestion and absorption analysis, thyroid,  immune function, oxygen transport, nutrient deficiency, and toxicity.

—–Exam Room – Here, you will receive the most comprehensive neurological and structural exam you will likely ever receive.  The purpose is to find the cause of your health problem that is limiting your recovery.  The doctor finds distortions of body carriage, muscle, joint, and nerve dysfunction, as well as brain imbalance.  Synergy has acquired an on-site x-ray unit for in-office use to allow for quick and complete diagnosis of the structural component of your health.

—–Treatment Rooms – This room is used for treatment and reports about the structural and neurological function of your body.  Whenever the Doctor treats you it is through the filter of neurological, structural, and bio-nutritional with the focus of restoring your body to its maximum healing potential and function so that you can live out your life more fully and spend less time concerned with your health.

  • What do we ask you and Why? (Much of this is on our intake paperwork.)

We ask you what you want us to help you with — so we focus on meeting your needs.
We ask many questions about your primary condition — so we can focus in on how your condition developed
We ask about history of illness in you and your family — so we can identify other conditions that may be contributing to your primary condition.
We ask about diet, exercise, and supplementation — so we know what you are doing presently that may be helping or hurting your condition.
We ask how you want us to help you  — so we can understand your desires more accurately

  1. Pain[or other symptom]-relief only
  2. Correct the cause – Symptom-relief, followed by instruction and treatment to rebuild the foundation
  3. Enhancement Care – Symptom -relief, Correct the Cause, and invest some effort in getting very healthy and preventing the return of the symptoms.

—–The physical examination is a very important step in determining if yours is a chiropractic case.  Here we look for the subluxation complex, the joint dysfunction causing nerve interference.  At this stage, we start to see where your condition is coming from, and what further testing would be necessary to reveal the exact cause of the condition of our body.

Further Testing

  • X-ray:To determine for certain what is going on inside with your spine, x-rays are often recommended.
  • Lab Tests and Questionnaires: If a biochemical problem seems to be contributing to your condition, questionnaires and/or lab test will be recommended.  If other causes have already been found, your treatment may start before all the lab test.
  • Neurological Test:Your nervous system controls EVERY other system in your body.  If brain imbalance of poor brain activation seems to be causing your condition, a thorough neurological exam will be scheduled with the doctor in our office. The doctor’s extensive training can be very valuable to your healing.

Review of Your Findings
—–The doctor will show you the x-rays and results of the lab tests.  He will explain them to your satisfaction.  He will explain what is causing your condition and what is recommended to correct it. If you need to be referred to another type of doctor or facility, we will not hesitate. We refer to general practitioners, neurologists, orthopedist, physiatrists, and massage therapists regularly.

“Test” Adjustment
—–If the doctor believes adjustments may be helpful for your condition, and if you choose to proceed  with chiropractic care, the doctor will perform a “test” chiropractic adjustment.  This “test” is to determine with even greater certainty if we will be able to help you.

—–Adjustments are usually the most helpful part of the treatment.  For more specifics on the adjustment, see the Adjustment Information Page.

—–Safety is a concern for some patients who have not received chiropractic care before.  Please see our
Safety Information Page.  If you have any questions feel free to ask.   Your safety is our first concern.

Treatment Plan

—–This is one significant part that sets us apart from many doctor’s offices.  We believe in the old saying “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”  
If the adjustment goes as planned, and if the patient wishes to continue with further chiropractic care to correct the cause of their condition,
the doctor will review your consultation, exam, x-ray, and adjustment findings over the next couple days.  He will write up a treatment plan of what and how long it will take to restore your body to its maximum improvement.

There are three ways of treating conditions.

1)  Basic(Surface) Correction – This is the “Emergency Care” of chiropractic.
Rehabilitative Care – After “Basic Care”, Tissues are given Treatment, Exercise, Nutrition, and Time to strengthen, stabilize, and maintain proper motion.  During this phase, you see us less and you exercise more.
Enhancement Care – After “Rehabilitative Care”, it takes much less effort to maintain the correction you have gained, but it does take some effort in treatment and home exercise/lifestyle.

—–We prefer to take you through each one.  That gives you the most long-lasting benefit.
Teamwork –
You are an important part of your health care team.  Part of the “plan” involves teaching you how to help yourself.  After thoroughly evaluating and carefully planning, we will train  you in home therapy, exercises, and habits to accelerate your progress and stabilize your improved health.

Not ready for an adjustment?

—–If your body is too inflamed and irritated throughout, it may be several days, several weeks, or even a month before you are able to be adjusted.  This happens more often with people that have been in bad auto accidents or have a combination of symptoms that have been classified as chronic fatigue syndrome(CFS) or fibromyalgia.  

—–With injury from an auto accident or other traumatic injury, the tissues need to heal and stabilize a bit.  Treatment should still occur right away, but it will need to be modified for the condition.
With bad CFS or fibromyalgia, the body will need to be restored biochemically, so that it can heal itself structurally enough to benefit from the adjustment.

We will design a plan that is best for your body.

Fee Schedule