Meet  the doctor
(Also see the Introductory Letter)

Dr. Hobbs began his interest in health in the 8th grade.  Even at that time, he knew that he wanted to help people be more healthy and that to be healthy long-term it is necessary to find and address whatever is
causing the condition.

So, Dr. Hobbs’ choice of profession, his bachelors in Anatomy, his Doctorate in Chiropractic, his extensive nutritional/biochemical education (cert. in Functional Medicine), and his hundreds of hours of neurology training (board cert. in Chiropractic Neurology) have all been for the purpose of thoroughly evaluating his patients to find the cause and to be able to help them correct the cause of their condition for the long-term.

The Education of Chiropractors is quite extensive even before all the postgraduate work.

From the very beginning, even filling out the intake paperwork, it is clear that our approach to healing is focused on being very thorough and wholistic, which means looking at the function of your whole body and its parts working together to find out how you can be as healthy as you want to be.  We look at the contributing factors (structural, chemical, and mental), as well as the condition your body is in now, and then look for the best, natural way to help you reach your health goals.

Where there is hope, there can be healing.  I work to be very realistic in my diagnosis and   prognosis (how well you can get and by when), but I am frequently amazed at how much and how quickly the body is able to heal if you give it the correct building blocks and remove some of the stumbling blocks.

The other morning as I was brushing my teeth, I was thinking of how to best treat and educate a patient to help her body restore from the pain and disability in her body that she had been dealing with after a severe accident.  I thought, “Other people stress about work even when they are away; am I stressing about work?  No, I get to use my creative energy God gave me and learned knowledge and skills I have to find a way to help restore this woman’s life!  That is not stress; that is a privilege!”

—  Jay Hobbs, DC, DACNB

Anna is what makes our good practice GREAT.  She is truly dedicated to
serving you, our patients, with a whole heart.
She continually works so hard to make your experience here
happy and healthy.
Anna speaks Portuguese and understands Spanish.