1. Finding the Cause

    • Questionnaires
    • Lab Tests
  1. Treating You Naturally

    • Detoxifying ProgramsThe Cleanses by Standard Process and Central Valley Cleanse — We have
      audio at this link for you to learn more.
    • FirstLine Therapy
    • Supplementation
    • and, of course, the non-nutritional Adjustments, Muscle work, and Exercise round out the
      picture of natural treatment.

The supplements below are some of the nutritional supplements we prescribe — only the best for you.
There are other good (even excellent) vitamins out there.  The companies below sell only to nutritional professionals and have exacting standards.  I know and trust them.  My mark up on vitamins is just enough so I do not resent offering them to patients, but not enough that I am motivated to do so.  In fact, I welcome you to get them (or equally good ones) elsewhere.  Nature’s Pharmacy sells some of these brands and Watson’s Health Food store sells some very good supplements.  You can trust them both.


Some nutrients have even been shown to help regenerate body tissue, like Liver, Nerves, Pancreas, Hormone,

There are Pathological lab tests and Functional lab tests

Pathological lab tests check for diseases that have already begun to overwhelm the body.  We need to know that, but
what if you body is only beginning to dysfunction — it is still holding on, not giving
in nor being overwhelmed…yet.

Functional lab tests check for dysfunction in the body that shows up before the disease has taken a strong hold.  Some
of the more common ones that we use include:

  • Triad ProfileOrganix™, Amino Acids, and Allergix IgG Food Antibodies allow for a large view into the biochemical interactions
    of your several systems of your body so that we can target our approach.  With this we assess some level of toxicity, deficiency,
    and your biochemical uniqueness.
  • Adrenal Stress Index by Diagnos-Techs – Saliva Testing for hormones related to adrenal health.
  • Stool Analysis – We usually perform the Comprehensive Parasitology which shows if you have enough good bacteria (like
    acidophilus and bifidobacteria) in your colon, any excess of yeast (candida) in your colon, any “bad” bacteria in your colon, and
    what herbs and medications those bad bacteria could be killed with.

These are the laboratories we use most often. — going beyond the basic.
Click on the icons below to research these companies.