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[box class=’download’]Initial Health History[/box]

[box class=’download’]Financial Information & Agreement[/box]

[box class=’download’]HIPPA Privacy Practices[/box]

[box class=’download’]Informed Consent – Chiropractic[/box]

Medicare forms

[box class=’doc’]Medicare Payment Guidelines form[/box]

Condition-specific forms

[box class=’doc’]Metabolic Assessment form (MAF) questionnaire – popular form for chronic, systemic conditions[/box]

[box class=’doc’]Fatigue – Adrenal – Thyroid risk (FAT) profile questionnaire[/box]

[box class=’doc’]Headache, Neck Pain, TMJD, Toxicity – Risk Profile questionnaire[/box]

[box class=’doc’]Arthritis & Osteoporosis Risk Profile questionnaire[/box]

[box class=’doc’]Intestinal Dysfunction questionnaire[/box]

[box class=’doc’]Carpal Tunnel Syndrome[/box]

[box class=’doc’]Temperature graph Fatigue – Adrenal – Thyroid[/box]

ADHD / Autism / Learning Disorders forms

[box class=’doc’]ADD-ADHD Type Questionnaire[/box]

[box class=’doc’]ADHD-High-Function-ASD-Fees[/box]

[box class=’doc’]Developmental Behavior Questionnaire (26-pg-S-Baker)[/box]

Accident & Injury forms

[box class=’doc’]Auto Accident Questionnaire[/box]

Progress Report (used with Re-evaluation)

[box class=’doc’]Progress Report – Patient fills this out before the re-exam.[/box]