Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


Welcome to a big step in along your journey back to the person you once were or the person we know you can be.

By now, you know better than all those talking heads out there that there is no magic bullet.

By now, you know that there is no cure-all that works for everyone. Everyone is different. That great juice or powder that your relative got you to pour down your throat for months with no positive health effect is probably really good for most people and spectacular for some people, but it was
apparently worthless for you.

I understand this. You are here, because you still have hope. I know you are a little afraid of too much hope. That’s OK. Be skeptical. Be cautious and careful. But be persistent, determined, and open also.

Want to get started now? Here are a few tests you NEED to do on yourself. Start today, or soon.

Emotional Stress Effects can a BIG factor in causing heart trouble. Find out how well you are handling the stresses in our life by taking this online. Print the results, and bring them in.

  • Stress and Wellbeing Survey.  (You will click “Stress and Wellbeing Survey” and watch the demo or sign-in and do the full version. They will ask you to register before taking the survey. We have no association with this company.) (We recommend emWave Personal Stress Reliever to some of our patients.) We have a less comprehensive version of this available on the “Inflammation Questionnaire” which you can find in our “Paperwork” page.

Thyroid-related Function – Measures temperature over a period of time and iodine absorption so we know how well you maintain temperature and how much you seem to need iodine.

Food Intake – Of course, what you eat is VERY important. Just filling out the journal will be enlightening for us and you.

Inflammation and Fatigue Triggers – Fill out this questionnaire carefully.

3 Days before your evaluation, start following  the directions below:

  • Avoid any added salt and high-salt foods, & eat your typical diet, otherwise.
  • See Preparation for Body Composition Testing and print them if you like.
  • If you already know you want to be a patient in our office, please also fill out the Initial Health History.

The morning of your evaluation.

  • Collect First-Morning Urine: (First-morning is 4 am or later) Get a ‘clean catch”, which means, urinate, first in the toilet then in the cup. Use our preservative and cup or refrigerate in your own cup and get to us within 12 hours.

In our office, we analyze the information you gathered and do more testing to reveal other problems for which we have solutions.

Give us a call if you would like us to do the “CFS-Fibromyalgia EVALUATION”.

  Oxidata Test – measures Free Radical Damage happening in your body NOW so we know if you are eating enough fruits and vegetables to prevent early aging.

Heavy Metal Test (ionized) – Measures several heavy metals (with a simple in-office urine test) that are in the unbound form. Heavy metal exposure is a problem, but the biggest problem comes when your body is not able to bind them (called chelation) naturally. The goal is to improve your
body’s detoxification ability, so that it doesn’t release nay unbound heavy metals.

Adrenal Stress – Measures an adrenal stress marker to see how stress your body is so we know how stressed your body thinks you are and what it will take to keep your adrenal from fatiguing.

Blood Pressure – Measures sit vs. standing and L vs R so we know how well your nervous system/adrenal gland can balance BP in different situations and sides of the body.

Urinary Sugar (Blood Excess) – Measures urine blood sugar so we know if you have very high blood sugar (above 160 to 180 mg/dL) which causes it to spill into the urine.

Spinal Subluxations – Measures affects of previous spinal trauma and how well you have recovered so we know if spinal nerve reflexes may be contributing to organ dysfunction.

Urine Indican (malabsorption) – Measures poor digestion marker.

Body Composition – Measure your lean body mass and Total Body Fat so we know what part or you to feed to help prevent diabetes, heart disease, etc..

Brain Imbalance – Measures MANY neurological functions of the brain to see if there is one side of the brain that is more or less active than the other side. This is often the case in many conditions. With fibromyalgia, diminished brain output from the cerebral cortex results in diminished
activation of the brain stem (specifically the pontomedulary reticular formation, PMRF). This area of the brain stem, the PMRF is responsible for inhibiting pain in the body. Therefore, an underactive brain can result in an underactive PMRF, which can result in increased pain.

Wow! That’s a lot of information. –

We will give you a report of your condition in each category to take with you at no extra charge.

GIVE US A CALL at 635-8266 TO SCHEDULE YOUR “CFS-Fibromyalgia EVALUATION” today.

Why do we do this? We do this so that there are no barriers to see if what we offer can help you. And we want to help as many people as possible.