for Finding the Solution for your
Headache, Neck Pain, and TMJ Dysfunction

There’s lots of great information below that helps people and their doctors track down the problems and find the cause,

but if you want to cut to the chase and do a little work to find YOUR cause RIGHT now and what solutions will work best for you,…

fill out and print out this questionnaire (the Metabolic Assessment Form).  Drop it by our office, and we will analyze it for you.  Often this form makes it clear to us both that your problem is more than simply a pain in your head and that addressing ONLY the pain, is really covering up the real cause.

For a little encouragement, listen to the experience of one of our patients.

Are you a DIY kind-of-person, or you just want to see what MIGHT be going on?  This video will walk you through the most common causes…and several solutions you can try on your own.

  • Here’s the link to the FlowChart that I use in the video.

1) Find the Triggers: Structural (movement), Chemical, Mental
See the Trigger and Treatment Flow Chart below.
 2) Define the Problem (Symptoms): O, P, Q, R, S, T
See the Define the Problem table below.
3) If needed, Reassess the Triggers with more focus and address them.
– After you define the problem, you will be better able to assess the problem.
4) Professional Treatment
See the Trigger and Treatment Flow Chart below.
Trigger and Treatment Flow Chart – If you know what to look for and how to get started, why not do it? – (Research references are provided lower on the page.)

Trigger or Cause Simple  Answers  Professional  Diagnosis
Posture Awareness  Observation
Misalignment (Spinal, Bite)  Mirror Posturing, Bracing  X-Ray, (Carbon paper for bite)
Subluxaton Complex  Chiropractic Adjustments  Palpation, etc.
Physical Trauma  Motion w/o much pain  Palpation, Ortho exam, x-ray
Myofascial Adhesions  Myofascial Release  Palpation, History
Lack of Exercise/Movement  Exercise  History
Muscle Tension (d/t stress)  Relax, Massage, Adjustments  Palpation


(uncommon for
Neck pain &
Hormonal (Def. or Excess) Qlty Food, Supplements, Detox Female Hormones
Deficiency   Inflammation Questionnaire
Dehydration  Drink Water (~1/2 wt(lbs) in oz H2O)  History (Sweat+DiureticDrink+H20)
 Low Blood Sugar  Eat freq. & Low Glycemic (CD)  Chemistry, HA1C, Gluc.Challenge
 Micro-Nutrients  esp. Mg++ and EFA’s
Quality Food (CD),(site)
 Funct. Intracell. Analy
Triad Profile
 Toxicity    Standard Detox Prof.
 Irritants (i.e. Fumes)  Avoid and Detoxification  Tests for Toxins in body
 Allergies(Airborne and Food)  Avoid, Neti Pot(air), & Build Immunity  Food IgE, IgG, Air Allergy Test
 Infection (Cold, Flu, Sinus)  Build Immunity, Herbs, Rx  CBC (Complete Blood Ct)


Work Purpose, Communication  
Relationships Communication, Forgiveness
(5LoveLang, 10 Lessons, How2Win,
Habits, Mind)
Counselor, Psychologist
Finances more Work/Education, less Spending Credit Counselor
Purpose Purpose Pastor
Worry / Perspective Purpose, How to Stop Worry Stress & Wellbeing Surv


(uncommon for
Infection(Brain / Spinal cord) Prayer MRI
Bleeding (Brain)  
Tumor CT scan

efine the Problem table – Once you know the character of the problem you or
your doctor can more easily and accurately find the cause.

Onset When did this problem begin?
Position / Palliative / Provocative Where exactly is it, and What makes it better or worse?
Quality How would you describe the sensation? – burning, sharp, tingly, numb, weak…
Radiation Does the sensation go somewhere beyond the main area?
Site / Severity How bad is it (0=none to 10=worst imaginable)
Timing Is it better (or worse) at a given time of the day, week, month, year?
Associated Signs What other new or persistent problems or changes have you noticed?
Intervention What have you tried, and what were the results.

Medication Rebound –
Neck pain can be related to head and face pain –
Whiplash can be related to pain throughout the entire body. –
Migraine show increased risk of stroke. –
Long-term drug use only AFTER excluding other triggers –
Headache mgmt. should incl. exercise, rest, nutrition, and avoid triggers – –
Unnecessary medication –
Caffeine in medications can cause headaches:
Avoiding food allergies/sensitivities has helped as many as 85% of individuals studied:
Toxicity: Probable migraine with visual aura and risk of ischemic stroke –
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