Hope for Dementia through a Brain Healing Program

There is hope for your future and the future of your loved one.


Our desire is to improve brain function to reduce the number of people who must “deal with it.”

What is Next?Healthy Brain Score graphic + text-small

If you would like to know your score now, just select this link:  Brief Healthy Brain score.

That version will take you about 5 minutes.  If you would like the full (most accurate) score,  select this link: Healthy Brain Score (full).

If you would like to know more about how we developed this program and how the score POWERFULLY relates to the future health of your brain, click on over here:  Healthy Brain Program.

What to do:

What do I do with my score?

  • If you live nearby, we have many options to support your success through more detailed assessments and coaching assistance.  After you receive your score, get in touch with us. (559) 635-8266
  • If you live far away, we are regularly uploading more support material onto our website.  You will receive links to this each time you finish your Healthy Brain score questionnaire.  Some of this is free, and some of it is for a small charge.

Here at Synergy, we have a 6-Steps to Health approach that we have found to be effective:

6 Synergy Steps to Health

These steps will be applied to the Elements of Health: what/how you: Eat, Drink, Breathe, Think, Move & Sleep.

The  priority order to these Elements of Health will depend upon your individual situation.

For example,one person may be entirely sedentary (poor “Move” element) and another may eat very poorly (poor “Eat” element).  Each Element may take on the priority position of being the most important element to improve and without improving it, one cannot be healthy.  That is where Step 1 comes into play, the Healthy Brain Score.


If you would like to know more about how to get started with these steps, give us a call:  559-635-8266

What happens when it starts to fail?

Here is a movie trailer about the powerful transformation that occurs and the strength and courage to deal with it.

Would you like to know if your brain is healthy?

Let’s prevent the problem if we can, and avoid the need to deal with the pain later.