Chronic Pain
This is pain that comes on gradually or never leaves after a traumatic injury or surgery.

Successful Treatment of
Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, & Phantom Limb Pain
is now within our reach.

You know something is VERY wrong, but no one seems to find the source.

Fibromyalgia                Lower Back                Leg or Foot                Headache                Phantom Limb                Neck                Tennis Elbow

Complex Regional Pain(CRPS)                      Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy                  Hand or Wrist

“When pain persists, you feel like it is ruining your life…”

Fortunately, new technology & research is revealing the source of this pain & the solutions.

Pain can come in many combinations and locations throughout the body, but there are only a few causes.  The key to making the pain go away is to find the cause (or causes) of your pain.

The research in this field is coming out more quickly than most practitioners can keep up with.  We have extensively researched the literature on pain causes and treatments, surveyed the opinions and practices of doctors leading the field in degenerative nerve disorders, and finally developed a system of pain assessment and treatment.

At the heart of this system is an analysis that categorizes and addresses the complex presentation of pain in its 3 root causes.  Essentially, the neurons (cells that feel everything) are more likely to send the brain “damage”/pain messages if they undergo:

  1. Physical Insults – incl. muscles, joints, and nerves that are under painful stress due to restricted or uncoordinated motion, or those tissues that are obviously damaged.
  2. Chemical Irritation or Deprivation (Hormonal influences, Deficiencies, Toxicities) can make a neuron more likely to send “damage” messages to the brain.
  3. Secondary Sensitization – Brain perceives information incorrectly and as a threat due to “reorganized” or incorrectly activated pathways.

For the first step, we teach you how to start identifying the most powerful, most likely, & most easily corrected causes.  It’s amazing how quickly one’s body will heal when given the correct support.

During the workshop presentations, we provide many details, research findings, and, most importantly, tools and information you can use to lead to pain relief in your situation.

There’s hope!

Chronic pain comes in several forms, and they cannot be treated all the same.  In fact, each person, even with the same pain condition must be evaluated and treated individually.  Below is s summary of the different chronic pain types.

Chronic Pain Types:

  • Fibromyalgia (more info) – This condition is characterized by lots of pain all over for a long time.  In this condition, we must address the likely brain imbalance, as well as nutritional deficiencies and toxicities.  Sometimes, the psychological aspect is very important also.
    Studies have shown trauma as a child can be a big predictor of chronic pain as an adult.
  • Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (more info) – Type 1 — formerly called reflex sympathetic dystrophy  is characterized by pain and skin changes that persist long after the tissues associated with the initial injury (trauma or surgery) have healed.
  • There are MANY persistent pains that almost fit into these categories.  Just because a person”s pain or dysfunction does not fit perfectly into an established diagnosis name does not mean nothing is wrong. 
  • Phantom Limb Pain (more info) – This is pain (or other irritating sensations) that persist long after the limb has been lost.
  • Dystonia (more info) – Uncoordinated body movements or stuck in a body posture.

We thought these conditions were hopeless not long ago.  Now, there is hope!

If you or a loved one has been dealing with chronic pain, watch this 50-minute educational video in its 15-min parts below.  You
will learn how the body learns to perceive pain more efficiently and how it can be stopped.

Introducing:  The 3 Causes and the 6 Solutions to Chronic Pain

What you don’t know could HELP you.