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>>Mental Issues related to Toxicity
>>Chemical Issues related to Toxicity
Do Pesticides cause Brain Damage, like Parkinson Disease or Alzheimer’s Disease?
Do toxins cause the thyroid gland to stop working?
Can my own Intestines cause me to ‘toxify’ myself?
Is it possible to breathe WRONG and have that worsen my toxicity?
Is it possible to turn my genes off and on with toxins?
Do Vaccinations cause Autism?
Is it possible to test for Toxicity?
What foods actually help me detoxify?
What is the best type of Water to Drink?
Should I get a better filter on my house to filter the air?
Do Mercury fillings cause Toxicity (or even Autism)?
>>Structural Issues related to Toxicity
Does Exercise create toxins?
Does Exercise Clean out toxins?
Does Bad Posture Make Me Toxic?
Does Toxicity in my Muscles Interfere with Nerve Communication?
Do toxins cause Pain?
Are You Toxic?  Does Your Body Need Cleansing?Toxicity how much a substance is able to damage a person (or other living thing).  Toxicity can refer to the effect on the whole
body  or a part of your body, like a cell (cytotocxicity) or an organ (organotoxicity), like the liver (hepatotoxicity).

Detoxification is about what you Eat, Drink, Breathe, and how you Sleep, Think, and Move.   …
Toxicity is how much a substance is able to damage an person (or other living thing). Toxicity can refer to the effect on the whole
body, or a part of your body, like a cell (cytotoxicity) or an organ (organotoxicity), like the liver (hepatotoxicity).Detoxification is about what you Eat, Drink, & Breathe, and how you Think, Move, & Sleep.See the Detoxification Brochure (Are You TOXIC?) for a Self-Test and some great introductory information.

The PROBLEM is you FEEL:  Sick, Tired, have Rashes, Aches, Pains, Numbness, or any number of other vague and yucky feelings…
You want to be better – to be well.
You don’t want to continue this relentless deterioration of diminishing health!
And you don’t want to continue to live life propped up by 1 medication after another, because you know it isn’t correcting the
CAUSE…the CAUSE!If we only KNEW the CAUSE … and if we could only CORRECT the CAUSE, then we might be able to finally slow this health decline
– or could we even stop it for a while?  Maybe we cold even turn this destructive deterioration around and regain some of our health.Do you dare to believe?…The PROBLEM is greater than how you FEEL, and it is 2 -fold:
You don’t know what is CAUSING the health problem
You don’t know how to go about FIXING the CAUSE of the health problem.We know what the CAUSES of health problems are!We have a system to determine which ones are influencing you most negatively.  You can actually get started on assessing yourself
by printing and filling out a comprehensive questionnaire that we give to many of our patients.We have a system to CORRECT the CAUSE and teach you how to MAINTAIN that correction.
The cleansing process is one powerful means of correcting one of those causes.In this introduction I will explain:
The CAUSES and how they are affecting us.
How this program addresses each CAUSE to turn your body from DESTRUCTIVE to CONSTRUCTIVE.
And since 1 size does not fit all in health care, we will determine which level of cleansing you are ready for, which one you need,
and which one you will get the most results from.
And You  clarify:  ** What you’re hoping to achieve through this program.
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Quick Tips for Long-term Health Benefits:
Can being toxic cause me to gain weight?
Yes, “The Solution to Pollution is Dilution.”  If you have toxins circulating or stored (they tend to lodge in fat, bone, or other organs) in
your body, the body retains water to ‘dilute’ the ‘pollution.’   — Lose the pollution to lose the weight.
How do I lose the weight caused by toxicity?
A 3-week cleanse is the approach I recommend for most people.  This almost always works.
Listen to the testimonials online (or get the Intro to the Cleanse CD)
Is my city too toxic to be healthy?
No, not unless you live in Mexico City or London in the Dark Ages.  Of course, it makes it harder on your system when you have to
deal with toxicity in the air, water, or food, but this just means you must work harder at living a ‘clean,’ ‘detoxified’ life with respect to the
areas that you CAN influence.
How can I stay healthy in a city as toxic as mine?
Focus on what you CAN control and focus on the basics:  what & how  you Eat, Drink, Think, Breathe, Move & Sleep.
Does Mental Stress really shut down my intestines and contribute to Allergies & Deficiency?
Yes.  Not completely, but the mental stress tells your body to focus its energy on part of the body that will get you safely out of the
stressful situation.  This is a short-term focus.  Your heart, muscles, brain, and lungs receive much blood and attention, but the
intestines are for digesting and absorbing.  
How can keep  Mental Stress from shutting down my intestines?
Of course, the most obvious answer is, RELAX.  There are many solutions, but you ultimately must get to the core of the issue.  See
our page on stress reduction for more information.
Do Pesticides cause brain damage, like Parkinson Disease?
Yes.  This has been well-documented at lease a couple of different studies(1, 2) now.
How do I prevent Pesticides from causing brain damage, like Parkinson‘s Disease?
The studies found that the more often and the more quantity of pesticides you were exposed to, the more likely you were to develop
Parkinson’s.  So, reduce the exposure.  But do not forget to also increase the ability of your body to eliminate by eating plenty of fresh
fruits and vegetables and taking supplements, as needed.
Do heavy metals (like Mercury fillings) cause Autism?
It contributes in susceptible individuals.  Perhaps most important is the ability to detoxify.
How do I keep heavy metals from causing Autism?
Don’t suck on broken energy-efficient light bulbs.  Assuming you’ve got that covered, the first step is to know that the most likely
source is from fish and shellfish especially the largest fish (shark, swordfish, tuna), which are highest in mercury.  This is the official
gov’t link.  This is a mercury detox link.  Get your nutritional status up.  Get the intestines very healthy.
Are my household cleaning products harmful?
Often, yes. Many household cleaning products add to your toxicity.  As always, it matters how susceptible you are.  
What do I do about my household cleaning products to make sure they are not harmful?
This is an excellent list of tips for safe cleaning with baking soda and vinegar (Vinegar & Baking Soda).
Here’s a good website to give you some thorough information (Environ Working Group).
Baking soda is better than antimicrobial toothpaste at reducing plaque over 4 weeks. (see the research)
Don’t hesitate to switch over; even Windex has a vinegar product, but I don’t know what else is in their product.
Are there blood or urine test that measure my ability to detoxify?

Yes.  My favorites include the Detoxification Profile, Red Blood Cell and Urine Toxic Element Profile & Oxidata test.
The Detox Profile by Genova Diagnostics shows how well your different detoxification pathways are working.
Are there blood or urine test that measure my ability to detoxify?
Yes.  My favorites include:

  • Metabolomix Lab test that shows if you are presently being damaged by free radicals and if you are deficeint in critical nutrients needed to detoxify safely.  
  • Porphyrin testing

Is it possible to live in dirty air and not have allergies?

Yes, Yes, Yes.  I said it three times, because I know it is hard for some of you to believe.  I know this to be true, because I have
patients who have had air-allergies that were continually medicated and even then went to infection that needed  antibiotics 1-2 times per year.  That person in particular is now free of all allergy and antibiotic medications for several years.  Also, Does EVERYONE in your family or ALL your friends have allergies?  No.  Then it is more than the air, because we all breathe this same trashy air.
How do I live in dirty air and not have allergies?
Identify the Mental, Chemical, and Structural stresses placed on your body which you CAN control.  
Start shopping at the Farmer’s Market.
Have Farmer’s Market food delivered to your house and eat it all up.  This is called Community Supported Agriculture.

Is it possible for my own intestines to intoxicate me?

Absolutely!  Normal, good intestines have about 3 POUNDS of bacteria in them!  That is a ecosystem in itself.  It’s like a garden that needs nurturing.  Antibiotics are like Round-Up weed killer, killing both the good and bad bacteria.  That’s why most females get yeast infections when they take antibiotics — it kills the bacteria (good and bad), but not the Yeast (Candida).  That is just a small part of the picture.  
How do I keep my own intestines from intoxicating me?
Determine if you have a problem by filling out an Medical Symptoms Questionnaire.
If you’re very messed up, you will need to go through the “4 R” program.
Eat “cultured” food, like unsweetened yogurt with “live cultures”,  “
Raw Milk,” and foods like sauerkraut.  
Relax.  Mental stress slows down the intestinal machinery and sets it up for infection.
We will discuss this much more another month (

Do you know?

What is the difference between Cleansing and Detoxifying?

It depends who’s talking.  In most natural heal care circles, there is no difference, but detoxifying tends to relate more to the liver, while cleansing tends to relate more to the intestines.  They are both so interrelated, that when you address one, YOU WILL address the other, negatively or positively.  This is why I chose to promote supporting the body in its natural processes, vs. purging or highly
stimulating the body to do something very unnatural.
How do I get more information?
Listen to the audio at the top of the page, or request (no charge) the full educational cd and handouts from our office.

Do Toxins affect each person the same, basically?

No!  There are several factors that determine what we call “biochemical individuality.”  Genetics, Nutritional status, Chemical
Environment, Stress level, and Activity level are the most important factors affecting how toxins affect a person.
How do I make toxins affect me less?
This comes right back to what you Eat, Drink, Breathe, and how you Think, Sleep, and Move.

Since you cannot get away from ALL toxins, does it really matter?

Yes, Absolutely!  Just because you are always exposed to some carbon monoxide driving down the road, that is no reason to go suck on a tailpipe.  Nobody can get away from all toxins, and your body is designed to handle many of them.  If you give up though — if you do not work to improve what you CAN — you will be insuring that you get as damaged as possible.  Make the best of what you’ve got.
How do make the best of what I’ve got?

  1. Identify what the potential and probable sources of toxins are in your life.
  2. Identify what toxins you can most easily reduce or remove.
  3. Gradually take steps to reduce or remove those toxins.

I know people who worked REALLY hard to live clean but got diseased early; is it all GENETICS?
No.  Genetics can be very powerful, even overwhelming at times, but MOST often we can control how our genes work.  How our genes work is called “genetic expression.”  There will always be people that do everything right and get bad results and those that do nothing right and get great results.  Don’t let the exceptions control your life.  Live by sound principles, and you will always turn out better in the end than if you live by the exceptions.
How do I influence my ‘genetic expression’?

  1. Identify what about your life most needs improvement (Eat, Drink, Breathe, Think, Sleep, Move)
  2. Identify how you can influence those areas that need improvement.
  3. Gradually take steps to make improvements.

Is it true that more toxic exposure actually makes one BETTER at Detoxifying?
Well, yes, to an extent.  We need stress to become more resistant to common (or uncommon) challenges in our environment.  This is definitely true Mentally, Chemically, and Structurally.  Of course, too much too fast will result in breakdown and damage, regardless of the body system.  
How do I get better at detoxifying by exposing myself to stresses?

  1. Mentally – Crossword puzzles, New language, Social interaction (new names, dates, places, events, etc.)
  2. Chemically – Your cells produce enzymes to help detoxify.  As they are challenged with substance, the cells signal the genes
    (DNA), the genes produce a blueprint copy (mRNA), the blueprint copy (tRNA) starts the machinery to make more enzymes so
    that the cell can defend (detoxify) the chemical.
  3. Structurally Weight-bearing exercise stresses the body, which, in turn, grows stronger and more dense bones, and
    stronger and larger muscles.  
    Aerobic exercise challenges the heart and fat-using muscle parts to become stronger and more
    efficient as well as stimulating the brain in ways that we are only beginning to understand.

Does my liver or every cell of my body detoxify
Yes!  And if they can’t handle the toxic stress, they get damaged.  This is called “free radical damage” or “oxidative stress.”  Each cell of our body has numerous energy generators (mitochondria).  The fuel is atomic energy! These reactive chemicals must be handled carefully.  The nutrient CoQ10 is one of the handlers, and it has MANY helpers, some of which are called Antioxidants.  If we don’t have enough, the atomic waste gets out of control and causes free radical damage.  So, EVERY activity actually generates free radicals.
How do I make toxins affect me less?
Make sure that what you put in your body is loaded with Antioxidants and other helpful nutrients.  Your body can handle the toxins it makes naturally IF YOU don’t add too many extra from the outside.

Where do toxins go after they have been detoxified?
The liver does the majority of detoxifying.  In Phase I it transforms them, and in Phase II it makes them water soluble so that they can be removed through the kidneys or bile.  
How do I prevent damage before they get out?
So, to protect your kidney, gall bladder, & other tissues, keep the toxic load low.  Also keep the nutritious food & drink high.

Do those ‘Cleanses’ for purchase online or in the store really work?

Sometimes…  Most of them are teas or other herbs and often some added fiber.  Some contain beneficial bacteria.  Most of them are harmless enough, and some are quite helpful.  
How do I get a cleanse that is really helpful?
You must start with a source you trust.  Your wholistic physician or even an trusted, experienced health store owner can direct you.

Is there a simple questionnaire to tell me if I am toxic?

Yes.  You can print out this Medical Symptoms Questionnaire (MSQ) that will even give you a scoring chart to grade yourself.
What do I do if I get a bad grade?
The only hopeless problem is one that you do not address.  Give us a call at (559) 635-8266 or learn some more.

Toxicity Causing Organ Failure

When you are toxic, many organs and systems are affected, but the most critical system damaged is the nervous system.  The
damage may result in temporary or permanent dysfunction, or even failure.

Toxicity comes in the form of all the normal routes that we discussed above, but
Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF)
is another that is becoming more concerning lately.

Organ Failure

Cause – It has been estimated that all known genetic causes of Parkinson disease account for less than 5% of Parkinson disease cases. So, where does it all come from?  Environmental risk factors associated with the development of Parkinson disease include use of pesticides, living in a rural environment, consumption of well water, exposure to herbicides, and proximity to industrial plants or quarries.

Cause – The cause of Alzheimer disease is unknown, but there is definitely damage to the brain tissue.  Many
investigators believe that older age, a genetic abnormality, obesity, insulin resistance, Cholesterol problems, high blood pressure, and inflammatory markers(2,3) trigger a cascade that eventually leads to Alzheimer dementia.  (Other causes of dementia that would separate this from Alzheimer’s would include: cerebrovascular disease, cobalamin deficiency, syphilis, thyroid disease)