Brain Balancing

Brain imbalance is see in many conditions,

  • from Dizziness, to Back Pain, & from
  • ADHD and Autism to Fibromyalgia.


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Introduction – Much of what we have learned about the function of the brain has come from research with Brain scan imbalance activity
volunteers having surgery done on their open skull, surgeries that resulted in left and right brain separation
(cutting the corpus callosum), and more recently, with brain scans that show blood flow.  This blood flow is
an indication of activity.

What we saw in the early work was the answers to “What is wrong.” and “Where is the damage?”

Now we have started to apply this knowledge to answer the question, “How can we correct the problem?”



Exciting breakthroughs
  • One of the most exciting developments came from research done with kids with ADHD.  (Int J Adolesc Med Health. 2010 Apr-Jun;
    22(2):275-83. (PMID: 21061929)

          In this study, 80% of the children previously diagnosed with ADHD, no longer met the criteria for ADHD after the treatment.

  • In a book by Dr. Norman Doidge, The BRAIN That CHANGES ITSELF, numerous stories are told of patients that recovered from brain
    dysfunction that seemed permanent and hopeless.