Hi my name is Carmen.  I saw Dr. Hobbs for serious migraines and a little burning pain that would come and go on my left shoulder.  I had an MRI taken several months before. At the time, I was taking Imerge®, Imatrax®, Midol® and birth control pills which gave me a little relief. When the Midol wouldn’t work, I would take Axert® which, in turn, would make me dizzy and shaky.  I started getting migraines when I was in college and was told by my M.D. that they would continue until menopause. I would get migraines at least 3-4 times a month. I also would get them the 7 days of my menstrual cycle. I’d also had constipation for a very long — so bad to the point of bleeding at times. I also developed dark patches on my face which developed after having my last child and tying my tubs. Dr. Hobbs put me on a plan and gave me the nutrients I needed.  He also gave me a plan to change my eating habits.

     By June of 2005 my migraines turned into light headaches which I only get sometimes now. I’m not as nervous as before, I have more energy and I feel healthy and strong and the dark spots on my face have even gotten lighter. All my symptoms have improved, I lost weight the healthy. Overall, my improvement has been at about 90% relief.

This is when I decided to take my two young daughters in to see Dr. Hobbs. Elyna is six and Evelyn is four. Elyna had complained about her knees hurting for two years. She also had to frequently urinate. She wouldn’t eat much and would get full quickly and for her entire life had been producing white round stools every other day. She was also always very fatigued and would frequently sleep in.

     Just after two months of treatment, her bowl movement and knee pain had improved. She is more active and doesn’t need to sleep in. She’s only urinating a few times a day now compared to six or more and has had an 80% improvement. Evelyn was taken in for constipation which started about 3 years ago and also caused bleeding at times. She also had a lot of stomach pain and gas. In two months her constipation improved and is able to pass gas with no pain. Her tummy has even gotten smaller and she has more energy. Dr. Hobbs put them both on different supplements and I learned to feed them healthier. This along with our adjustments, has made life a lot better for our whole family.

Thanks to Dr. Hobbs.