…it’s refreshing to find a sports doctor who truly understands the needs of an athlete and is able to address them successfully.

Olympic state soccer team…sidelined

…what I experienced was an incredible boost to my health, my fitness, and my athletic performance.

Boosted athletic performance

At age 54, she had arthritis in her lower back, sharp pain starting at her buttocks which ran down her leg …

Can We Turn Back The Clock?

I had been seeing a chiropractor for some time for my back and leg pain and saw no improvement.

New Doctor, Different Results

I thought chiropractic was scary and hokey, but the “traditional” treatment with Vioxx, Tylenol with codeine, Advil and muscle relaxers…

…pain too intense to turn or sleep

Beth and Faith, both young sisters in their twenties dealing with Muscular Dystrophy.

Back Pain & Muscular Dystrophy

I’ve had lower back and chest pain for a very long time….This was the very best investment I have ever made.

30 years of back pain

I’d been to two or three chiropractors before but they had never taken the time to find the cause of my pain…I used to be afraid to do anything but I’m not anymore.

Finding the Cause Relieved My Back Pain

I had lived with this problem for 10 to 15 years…By the end of three months I had 80 % relief.

Back Pain – Arthritis of Spine