Synergy Natural Health Fair

Connecting People for Health


It is coming up


Yes, we will have balloons, the fire department and fun, but this is about bringing together several health
solutions that jump start the healing process and rescuing people from
a health care system that has pushed them aside.

Register and get:

  • Great coupons/offers from the vendors (see list below)
  • Eligible to win AMAZING giveaways from our sponsors



What we had & what to expect next time:

  • Easy directions on Mooney & Caldwell

(Sears parking lot, next to the Farmer’s mkt)

  • You will be greeted with a ‘Goodie bag’ with information, a snack, and cold bottled water Then you and/or your kids will be given a  recommendation about what fair highlight you won’t want to miss.
  • Motivation and Health(ADHD, Fatigue, Food) talks,
  • Reaching Youth Karate and YMCA cheer demos,
  • Personal Fitness demos by some of the most experienced and respected trainers around
  • Balloons & Face painting (11-1pm)
  • Begin the process of Restoring Hope, Health, & Life for those suffering with chronic health conditions

See ya there!

We can’t guarantee you’ll win one of the prizes, but you are certain to
benefit from the information you receive.

Actually, your odds are great of winning VALUABLE giveaways.

If you are looking for First, Class TOP NOTCH ways to improve your body, mind, and spirit, register & visit these locations.

Here’s the list of Sponsors & vendors and the offers we’ll send you:

2 Nights at the coast – Whenever I want to pamper
someone, Back Bay Inn is my first choice.  Check out their
website for the nice weather and room availability.
(  Toll Free: 1-877-330-2225

Giveaway to Win: 2 Nights at Back Bay Inn (or similar) –                                               
Purchased for you by Dr. Hobbs
Offer to be Mailed:  They chose NOT to participate.

California Fitness Academy – Comprehensive,
functional exercise for Confidence, Strength, & Performance
).  Tel: 334-8990 (6910 W Pershing x Shirk)
Dr. Hobbs says: “I have heard of Justin Levine’s good
work for years.  For serious, personalized fitness, I think
this is the place to be.”

Giveaway to Win: 1-month pass for unlimited Group
Personal Training – $200 value
Offer to be Mailed:  $20 off any program

Glick’s Old Fashion Meat Market and Deli –
(  Tel. 732-6439
Glick’s has the quality and variety you can always expect!
Family-owned since 1974.  Including Grass-fed & Nitrate free
Dr. Hobbs says: “Grass-fed beef and nitrate-free meats —
I’m glad Glick’s is providing these to us locally.”

Giveaway to Win: $50 gift Certificate
Offer to be Mailed:  not determined yet

Meridian Center for Wellness – “…using the body’s
own ability and energy for splendid health.”
(  Tel: 635-6430
Dr. Hobbs says: “From their acupuncture, to acupressure,
to massage, I have heard nothing but good things about

Giveaway to Win: not determined yet
Offer to be Mailed:  not determined yet

Torey Ivanic of San Juaquin Prime Care
                                      330 E Pine St – Exeter
Classical Homeopathy integrated with preventative family
practice   Tel: (559) 592-2134

Dr. Hobbs says: “I continue to hear great things about
Torey’s work.  Homeopathy is a great tool to support the
body’s natural healing process.”

Visalia Fire Department (Visalia Fire)

“Dedicated to protecting all through excellent service”

Dr. Hobbs says: “I have friends working for the fire
department.  They consider it a service for the people, and
i know it is a huge sacrifice for their families…working
long hours and giving up holidays FREQUENTLY.”

Kaweah String Quartet (

“Music with a touch of elegance for your special occasion”

Dr. Hobbs says: “I have known one of these performers
for years.  They truly do provide a touch of class…and the
music speaks for itself — enjoy their music samples online.”

Giveaway to Win: 2 Tickets to “Pops in the Park” symphony
Offer to be Mailed:  discounts on event performances and
private violin lesson assessments

Shannandoah Mayes, MT, @ An Ardent Affair
“Quality, high-class massage.“(
Ph 731-6410  (1725 S. Mooney Blvd)

Dr. Hobbs says: “Shannandoah’s former employer says,
‘She does excellent work.’  That says a lot.”

Giveaway to Win: (2) 30-minute massages
Offer to be Mailed: not determined

Please take the time to check out these places of business that Synergy and Dr. Hobbs find uniquely beneficial

at supporting your health:  Mentally, Physically, and Bio-Nutritionally.







Register Natural Health Fair


Register Natural Health Fair