As kids, we don’t think of the situations we get ourselves into. We injure ourselves and get back up and keep going. Never thinking ahead and wonder if certain situations will play a role in the way our overall health will develop with time. As kids we think we are invincible. At what age do we start wondering “what if I would have taken better care of myself; would I still have all these aches and pains that seem to come from nowhere”?

We have a patient we will call Ms. M.  As a child in Jr. High, she was thrown causing her to land on her pelvis. For years this accident gave her lots of pain.  It hurt her to do simple things like sitting.  At age 54, she had arthritis in her lower back, sharp pain starting at her buttocks which ran down her leg and a family history of diabetes.  She decided to take control of her life, and came to see Dr. Hobbs.

In just a few months she was happy to report that she is one hundred percent pain free. With only maintenance visits of once a month she no longer has to spend precious time thinking of what to do about her pain. She can enjoy her life and do things she probably couldn’t do before. The things we do to better take care of ourselves will follow with our children. As they grow and develop and come into life’s more unfortunate battles, you will make choices for them that will shape how they take care of their bodies as adults.