Like many other people have had lower back pain on & off for about 20 years. I also worked as a cashier for many years and always turning in a repetitive motion day in and day out has been the cause of this problem. I couldn’t stand or sit for very long because the pain was so bad. I also had constipation on and off my entire life. I also suffered from insomnia, chronic pain and inflammation.

With so much to deal with I didn’t know what to do anymore. Then one day I was reading the newspaper and came across one of Dr. Hobbs ads. I’d been to two or three chiropractors before but they had never taken the time to find the cause of my pain. Dr. Hobbs sat and talked with me and examined me then took x-rays. He took all my information and looked at everything that was going on with my body.

A few weeks into my treatment and doing my exercises, I started feeling better. I stopped taking over the counter pain medication and started feeling more energy. My pain, constipation, inflammation and insomnia started going away. I used to be afraid to do anything but I’m not anymore. I can work on my yard and rake my own leaves. It feels great to be able to work on my hands and knees with no pain.

Thank you Dr. Hobbs, S.G.